Enjoying a safe ride on the ProGo 3000 propane scooter

The debate between the electrical and the gasoline scooters couldn’t have found a better ending. Since now, there is an option that combines the best of both worlds. With the ProGo 3000 propane powered scooter, you can get the best of both electrical scooter and the gasoline scooter while the ecosystem also does not suffer from your choice. From a ProGo 3000 propane powered scooter review, one would see that this personal carrier eliminates the option of unquestioningly settling for the range and speed limitations in the earlier scooters. The difficulty of a traffic jam, getting a free parking space downtown, having to plug in to charge and some others – has been cut off. The propane gas that it operates on, contributes to ensuring that environmental pollution that might occur from using a scooter is eradicated. Now you can enjoy your experience as you ride on the wheels of the ProGo 3000 scooter and at the same time, be satisfied that you are part of a better future for the environment.

Features and benefits of the ProGo 3000 scooter

The EPA and CARB attest to it that this propane-powered machine is safe for the environment – something that the popular gasoline scooters were not able to achieve till date. Well, looking at the electric scooters, the fact that a majority of riders don’t think twice when they are asked to select between the traditional electric scooter and the ProGo 3000 says a lot. The fact that the ProGo 3000 offers you a slick and clean personal carrier with which you can cut off the limitation of range and speed and at the same time, eliminate the waiting time to get a recharge makes it a great choice.

The ProGo 3000 stands for Eco-friendliness and freedom to the rider. The way it can be started with an easy pull is marvelous enough, without even adding its super lightweight of 35 lbs. that can carry a load of 220 lbs. The design allows it to fold, which makes it capable of being carried indoor for storage.

The handlebar height is about 42 inches and the width of the foot board is about 9.5 inches. The tire-to-tire dimension is about 44 inches. Considering the size features, the ProGo 3000 comfortably fits for a kind of vehicle that one would deem fit for in-town mobility.

Acceleration is triggered as you push your thumb on the throttle and it is brought to a stop by the front and rear brake disc. The 4-stroke 25 cc engine in this little beast can travel at 18 to 20 mph as far as 40 miles and a single propane gas canister can go 2 to 3 hours non-stop before exhaustion.

The advantages of this propane powered personal carrier do not end here, in fact, it is numerous. The fact that it runs on propane gas means that your machine would not puff out smoke from combustion, but carbon dioxide and water steam – a mixture that is not harmful, just what human beings exhale and it is useful for green lives. Worry no more as you enjoy your ride around town knowing that you are stylish, economical, and comfortable, but at the same time, not harming the environment.

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Steven Julian

Steven Julian