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Complete Guide On The Good And Bad Anavar Results From The Online Users

​Anavar represents the most popular anabolic steroid and it is largely because of its well-tolerated nature. It is among those steroids that can be used both by men and women. In some circles, it is underappreciated because of mild nature and it is because of the unrealistic expectations.

Anavar is a popular brand name that is associated with dihydrotestosterone derived the anabolic steroid oxandrolone. By various scientific study results, oxandrolone hormone was found to have numerous therapeutic qualities. As the results of the Anavar are anabolic, the growth in the muscle in the muscles is generally solid and for long duration.

Anavar Results

People who use steroids generally expect to see a lot more. Users are tempted to continue cycle of the Anavar and mainly use it for 8-12 weeks inspite of the repeated reminders that recommended dosage is only 6 weeks. However, it is important that you don’t take any of the oral steroids for a long period of time as it can have serious side effects.

Some of the young athletes take such steroids for the long period and usually experience serious consequences like liver transplant. There are various costs and benefits. You need to balance these in order to get the most out of your cycles along with avoiding risks.

What is Anavar Good for?

If you are just seeking to bulk up, you don’t need to choose Anavar as it would not increase the water retention or blood volume. Dianabol would be a choice for increase in blood volume. With the results of Anavar, you would not get any major gain in weight. However, you would get dramatically stronger. It is because of the increase in the utilization and production of the creatine.

Winstrol and Var are usually compared because they both can produce what is called as ‘dry’ gains. While Anavar had no androgenic properties and it can be very advantageous in shutting down the HPTA. But since it is like all the steroids as it also comes from testosterone molecule, and hence there can be some suppression, but with the Anavar it is minimal.

Some Negative Results of Anavar

Anavar is generally popular among the women because of low androgenic nature. Women can have the muscle gains without having the masculinizing side effects such as abundance of the body hair.


Another important benefit of using the Anavar is that it can help to burn the body fat, primarily in abdominal region.


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Kathryn Richey

Kathryn Richey